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By Christopher Weigand, Jan 24 2015 09:43PM

Day #2 of this artist chain mail challenge

"Post three of your works for five days and nominate another person to do the same."

Tile Paintings - These abstract pieces are inspired by the geometry of rural landscapes, as well as simple floor or wall tiles you'd find in your home. Each section is painted individually with a brush and it's always fun to see how they turn out when they're complete. Sometimes the strokes seem to cross over from one section another adding another layer of interest. As will all my paintings, I try to keep your eye moving, and also make them interesting when viewed up close as well as from afar.

#1 - "Tiles" - June 2008 15" x 30" (I still have this one)

#2 - "Seven" - June 2008 22" x 28" (this one lives in a box in my studio too)

#3 - "Tile Painting #1" - July 2010 16" x 20" (one of a series of 9 tile paintings)

By Christopher Weigand, Jan 23 2015 01:37PM

Day #1 of this artist chain mail challenge

"Post three of your works for five days and nominate another person to do the same."

I'll present my art over 5 days in the general order that is was created. The reason being, my hope is you'll see how earlier works evolved into my current pieces, namely my cityscapes. When you look at a current piece, you can see techniques from early pieces being used.

The Originals - Many of my abstract pieces are inspired by the geometry of rural landscapes. I would look out a plane window and found the patchwork of farm fields to be an interesting pattern. I hope to come back to this subject matter and explore it further someday. These early pieces are about keeping my eye interested; constantly moving. Creating visual interest and balance. They are also about painting without any preconceived plan. This is a key to my work to this day. I prefer to have the painting "talk" to me and tell me when it's done. Worst case scenario, it's paint. I can always paint over it (and often have). Enjoy.

#1 - "Beginning" - 2004 30" x 40" (I still have this one, sitting in our dusty basement)

#2 - "Cityscape" - 2006 18" x 24" (One of the first paintings I ever sold, and certainly the first cityscape I ever did. It was a paint over of another painting gone awry underneath)

#3 - "Barn In The Woods" - 2005 22" x 28" (Sold in 2006, it's one of the first geometric paintings where I attempted to have a real focal point, the "sun" is rising in the sky, with a "barn" and trees in the foreground.

By Christopher Weigand, Feb 1 2014 07:38PM

I set up our artwork in the lobby of Twinsburg Library this morning. We were fortunate enough to have the library contact us host our collection of artwork for the month of February. The lobby alcoves look great, one each for Christine and myself. In addition to the alcoves, there are two glass cases by the book reference area that feature Christine's mini hand cut paper pieces as well as Scrapimals. The art will be up through the end of the month.


By Christopher Weigand, Feb 20 2013 02:32AM

We've been very busy but not necessarily in the studio. Christine's been working on Scrapimal necklaces, minis and other pieces of art; hoping to build up inventory for the coming art show season. I had been doing the same, but I found our recently that my day job was being eliminated so all my time is being consumed with my job search.

We applying to various juried art shows for the upcoming year. Actually adding more since there's a chance I'll be unemployed and selling art may be the only way to put food on the table. Once we have an establish schedule I'll post it up so you can see it.

My studio is a mess. I have several small paintings in progress, but there is a 4' x 6' canvas taking up a lot of space. I really wanted to paint a picture of Trafalgar Square, taken when were there a few years ago. With the stress of joblessness and everything else going on I just wasn't able to put in the time necessary and even then, no saying I would be able to pull it off.

Instead I'm painting my largest stripe painting to date. It's really exciting and I believe I will be able to find a great home for it once it's complete. I'm using my favorite earth tones. I can't wait to finish it.


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